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There are a few options for camping in the Cheat Lake area.  The regions offers some of the best camping sites in the Morgantown area.   From the campgrounds you can access the lake and enjoy the local hiking trails.

Cheat Lake Camping
Camping on Cheat Lake

There are no official camp sites on the lake. However there are several unofficial camping areas on the shores of Cheat Lake that are only accessible by boat. They are located along the beach and on various spots within Coopers Rock State Forest and Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area.  There are several flat spots towards the headwaters of the lake. Below is a map of the sites.  There are no amenities and cell phone coverage is limited.  Overnight the water level and current can fluctuate so ensure your boat is properly anchored.  Plan accordingly and do not leave any trash behind, cleanup your camp site.  

Coopers Rock Camping
Camping Nearby

Coopers Rock State Forest, Chestnut Ridge Park, and Sand Springs Campground are unique locations for tent or trailer camping.  Both offer wooded campsites, activities, and amenities. Take a look at their websites and policies to see which is the best fit.

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