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Swimming & Beaches

Cheat Lake is a great place to go boating and enjoy a sunny weekend.  If you are new to the lake please review the map below.  Also over the last few years the lake has added some great restaurants.  Please keep in mind that some places on the lake are narrow so please be respectful of other boaters and be aware of your surroundings.  Please don't litter or leave trash at the lake.

Swimming Areas
  • Cheat Lake Park  - The park features a 4.5 mile trail along Cheat Lake.  A playground with picnic area.  There are restrooms and a fish wash station with public docks. The park is accessible by boat and car.   Learn More

  • Backwaters - The backwaters of Cheat Lake are known for the warm and calm waters.  You will see boats tied together and people swimming along the shore.  

  • Beach Area - The beach was formed after the 1985 flood and has been a haven for families and campers ever since.   Along the shores you will see boats beached and people enjoying the shallow waters.  If you beach your boat keep in mind they adjust the water levels, so don't get stuck.

  • Headwaters - The headwaters are where the Cheat River turns into Cheat Lake.  This area is accessible by boat only and often times you can see the rivers rocks below.  It is a great place to drop anchor, swim, and enjoy the seclusion of Cheat Lake. 

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