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Hiking Trails Around Cheat Lake


The Morgantown and Cheat Lake areas provide activities for everyone.  If you want to enjoy a nice dinner in town or head into the woods to camp you can do it all.  Coopers Rock & Snake Hill provide some of the most easily accessible and scenic views in the state.

Coopers Rock Lookout
Coopers Rock State Forest
Trail Map Download

Coopers Rock State Forest is one of the best places to visit for hiking, climbing, fishing, and camping.   The hikes range from beginner to advanced with great views of the Cheat Canyon.  Coopers Rock has great rock climbing and top roping that is easily accessible from the parking areas.     

Snake Hill Lookout
Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area
Trail Map Download

Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area is located on the opposite side of the lake from Coopers Rock.  It provides pretty easy hikes and some amazing lookouts.  There are three main lookout points that can be hidden by rhododendron plants.  Google Maps has the trails and lookouts documented.  

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