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Fishing on Cheat Lake

Cheat Lake has been experiencing a revitalization in aquatic life after decades of impact by acid mine drainage.  It has more recently become one of the most popular fishing destinations in West Virginia.

What to Expect 

Cheat Lake has become hosts to some of the best fishing in West Virginia.  The lake boasts 26 miles of shoreline with a thriving population of fish.  Cheat Lake was previously perceived as a dead lake as a result of acid mine drainage. However, conservation efforts over the past decades have turned the lake into one of the best bass fishing lakes in the region. It is now home to a diverse population of fish and birds.  


Boaters can access the deep water near the dam, move into the shallower headwaters, or fish the feeder streams.   There are also public access fishing piers along the shoreline.  Old Christmas trees have been submerged near the fishing piers to create fish habitats. 

Throughout the summer there are several fishing tournaments on Cheat Lake.  For more information visit Cheat Lake Anglers

There is also fishing downstream of the dam for bass, walleye, and sauger.  Just be alert for yellow and red warning lights about the water flow increasing.  

Fish Found in Cheat Lake

​Cheat Lake is home to 46+ species of fish.  

  • Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

  • Walleye

  • Northern Pike

  • Yellow Perch

  • Channel Catfish

  • Sunfish

Cheat Lake Depth Map
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