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The Morgantown and Cheat Lake areas provide activities for everyone.  If you want to stay for the weekend there are options for staying near the lake or heading into Morgantown.  Throughout the summer you can find homes for rent along the lake

Cheat Lake Camping
Cheat Lake Cabin
Cheat Lake Cabin
Lakeview Resort

Lakeview Resort is the closest hotel to the lake, located conveniently near the public boat launch. The resort features two golf courses, a restaurant, spa, and fitness center.

Rent a Cabin on the Mountain

It can be tough to find a cabin to rent on the lake.  However, there are options if you want to rent a cabin on the mountain near Coopers Rock.  Mountain Creek Cabins & Chestnut Ridge Park offer options for large or small groups.

Stay Downtown

The city of Morgantown is a bustling area with many restaurants and bars.  There are a variety of places and tastes for a fun weekend in town.  If you're there on a Saturday morning check out the farmer's market.

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