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Boat Launch & Marinas

Cheat Lake is a great place to go boating and enjoy a sunny weekend.  If you are new to the lake please review the map below.  Also over the last few years the lake has added some great restaurants.  Please keep in mind that some places on the lake are narrow so please be respectful of other boaters and be aware of your surroundings.  Please don't litter or leave trash at the lake.

Boat Launch
  • Sunset Beach Public Launch  - Sunset Beach & Marina is the only public launch located on the lake.  It has a concrete ramp and parking.  You can also launch smaller craft such as kayaks & SUP boards.  Sunset Marina has kayak & boat rentals.   

  • Cheat Lake Marina - Cheat Lake Marina is a pay to launch location.  They have a deeper concrete launch.  

  • Fishing Area & Kayak Launch - This is a public launch for kayaks and SUP boats. It does not have a ramp but you can carry the boat or board to the water.  There is public parking.

  • Cheat Lake Park - In the winter this is the only public boat launch.  In the summer it is only used to launch kayaks and SUP boards.  You can access the backwaters of Cheat Lake from here.

  • Sunset Beach Marina -

    • Free boat launch, boat & kayak rentals, Gas, Ice, Snacks

    • Phone: (304)-594-0050

  • Edgewater Marina  

    • Gas, Beer, Ice, Snacks 

    • Phone: (304)-594-2630


  • Cheat Lake Marina -

    • Ethanol Free Gas, Beer, Ice, Snacks, overnight dock slips

    • Phone: (304)-296-0900

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