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Restaurants On The Lake

Cheat Lake is a great place to go boating and enjoy a sunny weekend.   Over the last few years the lake has added some great restaurants accessible by boat.

  • Whippoorwill Bar & Grill

The Whip is a great place to grab a quick meal and have a few drinks.  All of the seating is outside and on weekend evenings they have live music.  They have boat slips right by the restaurant so it is easy to get in and out.  

Order Takeout: (304)-594-2630

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  • Dockside Grill

Dockside Grill is the latest addition to Cheat Lake.  It is located at Cheat Lake Marina.  This has both indoor and outdoor seating.  The outdoor area is very nice and also has live music on the weekends.  They have boats slips near the gas pumps for the restaurant.  

Order Takeout: (304)-435-3469

  • Lake House Restaurant

The Lake House restaurant is located next to Sunset Beach Marina.  It has both indoor and outdoor seating.  At the outdoor bar and seating area they will have live music.  It is probably the least boater friendly location when it comes to docking.  

Order Takeout: (304)-594-0088

  • Mooey Buoy

The Mooey Buoy is essentially a floating ice cream truck on the lake.  The boat continually moves around the lake making ice cream deliveries.

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